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Romantic Escapes in Punta de Mita

Romantic Escapes in Punta de Mita

Did you know that traveling strengthens relationships and ignites romance? 

In 2012, a survey conducted by Edge Research for the U.S. Travel Association gathered information from adults in relationships of various regions, genders, and ages. After analyzing the data, three main conclusions arose:  

  • Couples gain long-term benefits from traveling 
  • Travel supports the creation and maintenance of relationships 
  • Travel stimulates intimacy and romance

Fall in love all over again

Due to the hectic modern lifestyle, filled with work commitments and family responsibilities, couples may not easily find the time to reconnect. Traveling together allows couples to rediscover one another. Hence, the importance of embarking on a romantic escape. Traveling together is an opportunity for some “alone time”, where you and your partner can improve communication, and stimulate romance. 

Also, choosing an inspiring destination where you and your loved one can build stronger bonds is essential. Punta de Mita, Mexico offers the perfect setting to fuel your fuego.

Two hearts, one journey

According to Forbes magazine, Punta de Mita is the ultimate luxury travel destination. It has attracted high-profile and celebrity visitors such as Demi Moore, the Kardashian clan, and luxe-lifestyle guru Gwyneth Paltrow among others. 

Punta de Mita, with its 1,500-acre private peninsula, is a superb romantic getaway. The stunning views, luxurious tropical palm trees, the turquoise color ocean offers the perfect combination of elements to transport you and your partner on an unforgettable romantic journey. Together you will renew, recharge, and reconnect. 

Located on Mexico’s Pacific coast, Punta de Mita welcomes you with 320 sunny days a year, and a laid-back atmosphere. The choices of activities a couple can do are endless. They range from sailing, diving, whale watching, golfing to visiting charming nearby towns such as Sayulita, San Pancho, or Puerto Vallarta. 

Where the land ends, love begins.

The natural scenery where the Conrad Punta de Mita is located will take you and your partner’s breath away. Experience a morning or evening stroll along the two-mile-long beach, surrounded by tall palm trees and listening to the sound of the waves.

You and your loved one will feel pampered at the spa, choosing from a variety of treatments inspired by the traditional Huichol culture. After that, you can delight in the variety of exclusive delectable dining options filled with local bold flavors, and custom cocktails in an intimate setting.

Additionally, the customized non-intrusive service care at the Conrad Punta de Mita will make your ideal romantic getaway unforgettable. Our efficient, experienced staff can arrange all sorts of exclusive couple’s experiences. Choose from whale watching, luxury sailing, horseback riding, or deep-sea fishing.  

Heart to heart, sea to sea

The closest airport to Punta de Mita is located in Puerto Vallarta. This city came to fame back in the 60s when Hollywood celebrities such as Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton chose it as their jet-set hang out. 

Nowadays, Puerto Vallarta’s charming contrast between modern buildings and small Mexican-style family homes makes it unique. Enjoy a romantic stroll along the malecón where you will encounter a 60-foot high alien sculpture by the Mexican artist Bustamante. Soak in the mesmerizing pink-purplish sunsets. Visit the Virgen de Guadalupe Cathedral and try an esquite, corn with cheese, mayo, lime, and chili.

Additionally, the dining options in Puerto Vallarta are wide and colorful. You and your partner can delight with options that range from savory and sweet street food or drinks to sophisticated French or Asian cuisine. 

 Just a few miles north of Punta de Mita, you will find the hipster surfer town of Sayulita. At the beach, you can take a surfing lesson together, or just lounge while sipping margaritas or drinking coconut water. Later on, walk around the colorful streets, and check out the various boutiques filled with handmade beautiful decor objects from the region. Take a break, sit on a terrace, drink some coffee or a local craft beer while people-watching. Sayulita has an enjoyable young and vibrant atmosphere.

 Some other close by traditional towns worth visiting are San Pancho and Lo de Marcos. These are traditional coastal Mexican towns. You can visit both on the same day because they are close to each other.

Fill your romantic getaway with long-lasting memories while rediscovering one another in a paradisiacal surrounding. Take the time to enjoy each special moment, and feel how the romance in your relationship is renewed. Conrad Punta de Mita offers you and your loved one the ideal stylish environment to reconnect on a deeper level. Conrad Punta de Mita is the place where romance comes alive.