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Spring in Punta de Mita

Spring in Punta de Mita

Spring is around the corner, and while you might still be shoveling snow and sipping warm beverages by the fireplace at night, it’s time to start planning your spring travel itinerary. 

When spring comes, there is no better place to enjoy it than Punta de Mita. The ocean breeze, the sun, the colorful landscape. Here, you can indulge freely, relax completely, and live fully.

Blooming Spring Colors

With ideal temperatures oscillating between 70°F and 80°F during the months of March through June, Punta de Mita is your ideal holiday spot for spring. The Banderas Bay area is bursting with color from its wide variety of native tree species.  

During the springtime, the landscape gets painted in vibrant lilacs and yellows from local Amapas and Primavera trees (Tabebuias). The tropical rainforest creates the most impressive ecosystem in this area – unspoiled, undiscovered, and unmistakably Mexico. 

You can enjoy taking a walk surrounded by Coyuls (Mexican Acrocomia), an indigenous palm tree. The trumpet (Cecropia Obtusifolia), ficus, magnificent mango trees (Mangifera sp), and Parotas or Huanacaxtles (Enterolobioum Cyclocarpum), will make any simple stroll a superb experience. This is authentic Mexico you’ve never seen.

You can explore this mind-blowing ecosystem by hiking, horseback riding, mountain biking, or driving along the coast. If you would like to learn more about the spectacular plant life in the region, a good option is to visit the Botanical Gardens, south of Puerto Vallarta.

The Banderas Bay Regatta

Spring in Punta de Mita comes not only with a vivid landscape but also with a deep blue sea and clear skies welcoming you at this time. And what better way to enjoy it than in joining a regatta. You won’t want to miss the XXVIII Banderas Bay Regatta 2021, happening from March 23rd to 27th, 2021.

This proud tradition started almost 28 years ago, at the same time that the Puerto Vallarta Yacht Club was established. The Banderas Bay Regatta aims to bring competitive fun for all types of cruising and racing boats alike. 

A combination of great weather and March winds makes the Banderas Bay a phenomenal background for this event. Five days of racers, mega-yachts, and cruisers sailing along the breathtaking Mexican Pacific – the coast with the most! 

Furthermore, the Banderas Bay Regatta together with the Vallarta Yacht Club gladly supports sailing education for young people.  At every regatta, they welcome young sailors aboard. They have one of the oldest education programs at Banderas Bay, the VYC Junior Program.

Easter in Punta de Mita

With spring, Easter comes. Even though Easter falls on Sunday, April 4th this year, Mexico starts celebrating one week before. The week before Easter is known as Semana Santa (Holy Week), and the week after Easter is known as Semana de Pascua (Easter Week). Celebrate Mexican history during these two weeks full of spectacular celebrations. 

The Holy Week celebration starts with:

Palm Sunday – Domingo de Ramos

According to tradition, on this day many towns in Mexico re-enact the time Jesus triumphantly entered Jerusalem riding a donkey. Outside churches you will also find Ramos, a special bouquet made of weaving palm leaves.

Maundy Thursday – Jueves Santo

A Mexican tradition for this day is to visit seven churches, imitating when the apostles kept watch of Jesus. This was after the Last Supper before his arrest in Gethsemane, when he was praying. Also, some foot-washing ceremonies can be observed as well as a Mass with Holy Communion.

Good Friday – Viernes Santo

All over Mexico, towns prepare a procession recreating the journey of Jesus to the crucifixion site, Via Crucis. The participants dress in costumes from the time of Jesus, representing different important characters such as the Virgin Mary, Jesus, and the apostles.  

Holy Saturday – Sabado de Gloria

In some places, a tradition of burning paper mache or cardboard effigies representing Judas still exists. This is done to remember Judas’ betrayal of Jesus. Nowadays some of the figures to be burned are in the representation of political figures or devilish looking images. 

Easter Sunday – Domingo de Pascua

Most Mexican children do not receive chocolate eggs from the Easter bunny on Easter Sunday. Easter in Mexico is a holy day, and most people go to mass and celebrate together with friends and family.  However, on some occasions, this celebration can include fireworks, music, and dancing.

With so many exciting things happening this spring in Punta de Mita, now is the perfect time to start planning your visit. Discover your inspiration this spring at Conrad Punta de Mita. Let us guide you through the culture of Mexico, with the comfort of Conrad.